April 30, 2019
Jordan Krall here. I apologize for the delay in all things Dunhams and Grabinski. Since I run DMP and Dynatox by myself, things can get pretty overwhelming. I have also been dealing with some major health issues. I appreciate everyone’s patience and please know that even if you don’t hear from me often, I am still on track with things.. just perhaps a little slower than usual.

July 16, 2018
In production….


Shipping on April 30th:

by Don Webb
Hardcover edition limited to 25 copies.
Don Webb has written fantastic poetry for decades. Here a selection wondrous or terrifying from the last 30 years. From magical spells to rock and roll songs, material from respected journals and punk free magazines, Webb’s poetry has worked many souls, opened many Gates.
Approx. 100 pages



  1. Hi!
    First off – amazing work with all your releases!
    I was wondering if “THE SECRET OF VENTRILOQUISM” will be available as a standalone ebook?

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