Editing Services

Now available:
Editing services from Jordan Krall
Editor/publisher of Dunhams Manor Press.

I’ve been published by various small presses since 2008 (including Eraserhead Press, Copeland Valley Press, Black Rainbows Press, LegumeMan Books, Morbidbooks, among others) and have also helped fellow authors edit their work along the way.

I’ve been a state-certified teacher since 2005 and specialize in Language Arts and Reading. I’m used to helping people improve their skills in various academic areas.

Since 2012, I’ve edited and published over 150 books from my press Dynatox Ministries and its imprints.

What I can offer:
I can critique your manuscript in a variety of ways. If you feel like you need some help with dialogue or plotting… I can do that. If you need help with pulling off a good concept, I can also do that. All you need to do is tell me WHAT you want to accomplish with your story and I can help get you there. I can also assist with grammar and sentence/paragraph structure. However, if you just want general feedback on a story before you submit it somewhere… I can also provide that. I will be honest and straightforward but I will never demean or degrade you or your writing in any way whatsoever. My job is to help your work and boost your confidence.

Under 6k words – $30
5k to 10k words – $50
10k to 20k words – $70
20k to 40k words – $115
40k to 75k words – $140

For more information or to hire me, contact me here:



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