Before submitting, we recommend that you become acquainted with the books published by Dunhams Manor (or Dynatox Ministries in general). Buy a book or two to check out the quality of our books.

After that, feel free to pitch an idea or submit a manuscript. You can do so by writing to filmynoir (at) live (dot) (com)

When submitting a manuscript, please submit it SINGLED-SPACED, even between paragraphs. Please include a short synopsis of your story in the email as well as a SHORT author bio. We welcome new authors so if you don’t have any publications under your belt, don’t worry about it.

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? We really want Weird Fiction that’s personal, cosmic, and psychological. We here at Dunhams enjoy the fiction of Thomas Ligotti, Richard Gavin, and Robert Aickman, etc.. So keep that in mind. We are NOT looking for horror stories that are simply vehicles for Cthulhu Mythos entities. If you are going to involve any of Lovecraft’s cosmic horrors, you better be doing it in an offbeat way. This is not a Lovecraftian press. (Though we love Lovecraft).



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